Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Jesse Tree

Yes, I know it is September.  I am aware that many of you are not happy to see Christmas toys and decorations already thrown across half of Costco, but, in the interest of giving you time to create and plan, I am posting about a Jesse Tree.
I first found out about this Christmas tradition back in 2008, and I finally mustered enough creativity and energy to make my Jesse Tree in 2009.  It was worth the time and effort!
Instead of the traditional advent calendar, you make 25 ornaments that cover the Bible from Genesis to the birth of Christ.  The tree and the devotionals that accompany each day demonstrate the overarching Old Testament theme of mankind needing a Savior.  It then ends with the beautiful birth of Christ and the gospel message.  I highly urge you to consider this tradition in your own home.
As women, one of the joys of our homemaking is creating traditions for our family to enjoy and celebrate year after year.  My husband was pleased that I set up the backdrop for him to be able to do family devotions in such a fun and meaningful way in the month of December.  Perhaps your husband would love for you to be a helpmate by creating this activity for your home.
It isn't difficult to make, especially if you allow enough time to create each of the 25 ornaments by starting early in the fall.  I simply made my ornaments out of felt, glue and embroidery thread; and I bought a tree at Tall Mouse last year.  I found a book online that gave me patterns for my ornaments.  If you are highly afraid of crafty activities, just color the pattern for the Jesse Tree ornaments, cut the paper out and hang the paper ornaments on the tree.  The point of the activity is digging into God's Word with your family, not making fancy decorations.
Here is a website with ornaments you can buy and free devotionals and activities to use with your family:  If you google the Jesse Tree and look at Amazon for books and patterns, you will find multiple resources to help you.  Have fun!

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